Investor FAQs

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Where is Apria, Inc.’s corporate headquarters?
Apria, Inc.
7353 Company Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46237
Where is the company incorporated?
The company was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware in 2018.
How is Apria, Inc. stock traded?
Apria, Inc. is traded on the Nasdaq, under NASDAQ: APR.
Does Apria, Inc. pay dividends?
Apria, Inc. does not currently pay dividends.
Who is Apria, Inc.’s transfer agent?
Who is Apria, Inc.’s auditor?
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Where can I find the latest corporate news releases?
The latest press releases are available in Apria, Inc.’s Newsroom.
Who makes up the Apria, Inc. executive management team and board of directors?
Visit the Apria, Inc. website to learn more about our leadership and board of directors.
How do I sign up for email alerts from Apria, Inc.?
Visit the email alerts section of the investor relations site to sign up for alerts for new quarterly reports, events, or other SEC filings.
Where should I direct investor relations inquiries?
Where should I direct media inquiries?
How do I obtain a copy of your annual report or other investor materials?
Investor materials, including quarterly and annual reports, are available under the SEC filings page of the investor relations site as well as at